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PO Box 11718
Newport Beach, California 92658
Telephone: 949-673-0344

Product Sales Information

    • Only sell to the professional market
    • Masks are packaged individually in sealed foil packages
    • Minimum order is 20 masks. 50 masks/case
    • Shelf life – 2 years

Please call or email for pricing.

You can send us an email by filling out the form below:

    About evōc

    evōc was founded in Malibu, California in 1997.  In southern California the skin is subject to high levels of sun, and thus is easily dehydrated. The evōc Hydromask was developed as an efficient treatment to hydrate, soothe and refresh the face. The evōc Hydromask is our flagship product and continues to be a unique product in the spa industry.

    evōc is dedicated to providing the professional esthetician with functional, convenient and cost-effective treatment masks. Our spa products will provide the client with a perceptible, positive effect after treatment.

    Watch for new product introductions in early 2017.