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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why does the mask feel cold at room temperature?

Answer: Evaporative cooling. That is as the water leaves the mask the result is a cooling feeling.

I have sensitive skin, will the evōc Hydromask irritate my skin?

Answer: Extensive skin sensitivity tests have been conducted, and confirm that the evōc Hydromask is considered a “non-primary irritant” to the skin. As with any skincare product, exercise caution when using – if any redness or irritation occur, discontinue use.

What is the ingredient label?

Answer: Purified water, polyethylene oxide (the polymer base for the formation of the gel), DMDM Hydantoin (preservative), phosphoric acid (buffer), monobasic sodium phosphate (buffer).

Is the evōc Hydromask natural?

Answer: The mask is made using ingredients that are considered safe for use in cosmetic applications by the CTFA and INCI. Although there is not a current legal definition of “natural” for the cosmetic industry, the water and buffers would be considered as natural. The preservative and polymer base would be considered as chemicals – albeit safe chemicals for cosmetic applications.

The gel mask gets bunched up when I pull off blue liner.

Answer: Watch the video. Start at one side of mask and peel off the liner in small pulls, smoothing the gel as you go.

Can the mask be re-used?

Answer: The mask is considered as a single use product and should never be used on multiple clients. Some clients may request to replace the blue liner and take the mask home with them.