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evōc Hydromask Hydration Mechanism


The Number 1 skin care need:


Moisture is water. Water is what hydrates your skin. Your delicate facial skin needs water in order to look firm and supple and perform its protective function.

The evōc Hydromask base gel was developed by the medical industry to hydrate and cool burn victims. We have taken this technology and applied it to the spa industry as a unique way to replenish moisture to the skin. Here is how it works:

    • Moisture penetrates the skin through osmosis.
    • Osmosis is achieved through the difference in the concentration gradient of water in the evōc Hydromask to that of the drier stratum corneum. The stratum corneum pulls the water in from the Hydromask. (see chart)
    • The water revitalizes the dehydrated stratum corneum.

Hydrogel Skin Hydration


Hydrogels revitalize the skin by supplying water to the dried stratum corneum.  There is much more water in the hydrogel than there is in the stratum corneum.  This generates what is called a concentration gradient for water.  The drier stratum corneum will pull in the water lubricating and hydrating this strata of skin.  The water plumps up these non-living cells to make the skin smoother and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.


What Is Skin Hydration?

Hydration basically means the amount of fluid present in the body at a cellular level. Much of the body is made-up of water (over 90%); and thus maintaining proper hydration of the skin and body is necessary for cell and organ function.

Why Does Your Skin Need Moisture?

    • One of the most fundamental requirements of healthy skin is MOISTURE. Water is required for proper skin hydration.
    • The water content in skin helps it perform its protective function.
    • With proper hydration the skin looks firm and supple and is able to heal faster if injured.
    • Without proper hydration the skin loses thickness and offers less body protection. Skin tone becomes dry and dull and extra sensitive. Wrinkles form more easily.
    • If dermal cells are not hydrated properly, they lose suppleness and hair follicles can get blocked, causing bacterial accumulation. Good hydration can help in the treatment of acne.