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Hydro Mask 2

evōc Hydromask

The evōc Hydromask is designed to provide the professional esthetician with a ready to use, effective and efficient hydrating facial treatment.

    • Cost effective facial treatment
    • Time efficient treatment
    • Can be used on either women or men
    • Easy to open package and simple removal of mask liner
    • A proven technology for delivering moisture to the skin
    • Versatile application use

evōc Aloe Hydromask

evōc Aloe Hydromask incorporates Aloe Vera into the gel matrix.  Aloe Vera is best known for its soothing, healing and moisturizing properties.  These attributes combined with the evōc hydrogel technology provide for an exceptional facial treatment.


How to Apply


Application of the evōc Aloe Hydromask is the same protocol as the evōc Hydromask.